With so much going on during the holiday season,

sometimes it’s hard to deliver all of your gifts on time.

I thought it might be fun to share a gift idea for situations like these.

So Merry Little-Bit-Late Christmas my friends!

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To create my gifts I started with these beautiful, square bowls from Pier 1 Imports.  You can find them here in a set.

You can also find them at your local Pier 1 Imports for $1.00 USD each.

I filled the bowls with my favorite toffee.

You can find the recipe here.

Then I wrapped the bowls in cellophane and tied them with a blue and white baker’s twine.

I printed off the tags and cut them out using my Cricut® and the directions here.

If you don’t have a Cricut® machine, you can use a printer and a pair of scissors.

Here are the downloadable tags:

I finished the gifts off by tying the tags around them using more of the blue and white bakers twine.


I hope you are enjoying your holidays, time off,

time with family and friends, or whatever you might be doing this week.

Happy DIYing friends!

December 22, 2016


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