Recently I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to design quilts and bedspreads with a company called Stitched.  This is a dream come true for me because I have always loved quilts and quilting.  I quilted with my Grandma even when I was very little and as a young mom, I sewed quilts for each of my kids and mini quilts for our walls.  I don’t have the free time that I used to anymore but I still love quilts, and bedding.
I love looking through Pottery Barn’s bedding online, walking through linen shops, and purchasing scraps of fabric from the fabric store.  I love the way quilts look on a freshly made bed with gorgeous linens surrounding them.  I love snuggling beneath my favorite quilt on a rainy day.  I love feeling the warmth of a quilt engulfing me.
Stitched is offering a brilliant service.  While sitting at home, in your pajamas, you can pick out a quilt, choose the fabric and words you would like on it, and have it assembled, sewn, quilted, and sent to you.  It takes less than a half hour of your own time and you receive a beautiful, custom quilt in just a few days.
Isn’t that an awesome idea?  Have you done this yet?  It’s about time someone offered this service.
 I have only designed a few different quilts for Stitched so far and not all of them are available yet  so  I will gradually be sharing them with you here and there.  The first ones I want to share with you are a couple of baby quilts.  These two are currently available for purchase.   The main quilt I’m sharing is the My Little Peanut quilt with a baby elephant theme. It’s perfect for a boy or girl because you can easily customize the colors and the words.



The quilts are created from the best materials.  Beautifully printed fabric that is backed with the softest, snuggly, fuzzy coziness that is sewn together with the highest quality, commercial machine quilting.
You can tell by touching them that they are well made.





My Little Lamb design (below) is also available now for you to customize and purchase.
ShopStitched shop_stitched • Instagram photos and videos

Via: Shop_Stitched Instagram

Let me show you how easy this is for you to customize your own quilts.
GO to Stitched (here).
Then choose a quilt.

STITCHED Custom Quilts 1

After you choose a quilt.  Click on CUSTOMIZE THIS PRODUCT.

STITCHED Custom Quilts gray

On the next page, customize your quilt by dragging the fabric swatches over to the different quilt sections.

Quilt Customizer

Then, purchase your quilt.
That’s all there is to it!  Now sit back and wait for Stitched to create your quilt and send it to you.


ShopStitched shop_stitched • Instagram photos

VIa: Shop_Stitched Instagram

Isn’t that fun and easy?  It’s so worth it and they will be offering new designs all the time.  You should definitely check it out, play with their app for a while (it’s sooo much fun!) and mention it to your friends…I bet they have never seen anything like this before either…
I love ideas that somehow manage to bring us higher quality items while saving us tons of time and money.  I am admittedly old fashioned at heart and proud of it but I also admit I like the “feel” of past culture and style,  not the “work” of it.   I am always open to new ideas, especially when they are really great.  Don’t you agree?

Now go play on Stitched!  

Have a blast & let me know if you have any questions.
Happy DIYing friends!

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*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions and thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting my passion.
April 14, 2016


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