Napkin folds are a great way to quickly dress up a dinner table and there is no better excuse to dress up a table than the holidays.

With clear instructions, napkin folding is easy. 

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The Christmas tree fold is fun and casual.  It always creates a festive feel.

 Here is a great video created by Instructables that explains how to carry out the Christmas Tree fold.

You can find downloadable instructions here, on Instructables.
The talented crew over at Fresh by FTD, FTD Flower‘s blog have created some beautifully detailed instructions for six different napkin folds. 
You can see the printable instructions below.

Fresh by FTD has instructional videos that they have created for each of these folds as well.
You can find those videos (here).


Here is the product list for the Christmas tree fold pictures:


  1. It’s easy to finish your tree off with the Perfect bow using the DecoFun British Bow maker and the instructions in this video.

  2. Remember, when folding napkins that your iron is your best friend.

Have fun decorating your holiday tables friends 

and as always, Happy DIYing,

December 16, 2016
December 19, 2016


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