I’m not sure if everyone has this problem, or, if it’s just me, but, every time the weather changes, I panic a little because I have no idea what to wear.  I’m not kidding.  There is actually a month or so every season that I feel like I’m fumbling every time I have to go out.  Because of this, I decided that this year, I was going to do my best to fix my awkward dressing problem.

How to Throw a Clothing Swap Party | Snippets of Design

I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about this at first but then I decided to relate dressing to decorating.  When I decorate a room, I generally gather inspiration, choose a color scheme, and create a digital mood board.  I design the room digitally before creating it in real life.  I never thought I would consider using a digital closet app but then I realized that decorating a person and decorating a room are pretty much the same thing.  They use the same science so why wouldn’t the same formula work?

Because of this, I decided to give some digital closet apps a try.   I went to the app store and shuffled through the top suggestions.  Then I visited some blogs and read some reviews.  Then I downloaded a few to try them out.

  After testing some of them out, I decided to go with an app called Stylebook©.  Here’s why…

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I love how easy it is to load and organize clothing, inspirations, and create looks of your own. 

You can create and add a folder for any category you would like. 

You can even add sub-categories.

Loading your items is easy.  You can either take a picture or add them from the internet.  When you add them, the app will help you to remove the background.  Generally, the app does most of the work for you.  All you have to do is use a high contrast picture.

I love the appearance of Stylebook. After the background is removed, It looks so professional.  It’s like having your own personal online store.


You can save your favorite inspirations and combine them with clothes you already have to come up with some new, great combinations.  You can even add clothes that you are considering purchasing. This is so helpful.  It has already helped me choose new clothes with confidence and rediscover clothes that I forgot I owned.  It has also helped me reorganize my physical closet as an added bonus.

It’s also a great packing tool.  It makes getting ready for trips a breeze.

There is even a calendar.  You can organize all of your outfits a month at a time. and it will send you notifications about your outfit each day.  How nice is that? to not have to stress over what to wear to work every night?  What a great tool for the career woman…


You can even shop right from the app if you would like…

or hire a style expert if the whole thing is a little overwhelming…

Anyways…I always thought a digital closet was kind of a silly idea but I have actually found that I love it. I’m completely addicted.  It’s helped me feel more put together, more organized, and more confident.  I would definitely recommend getting one for a fun spring cleaning project, if you are looking for one that is.

Here are a few of my favorite looks that I have compiled using the app and links to most of the products, (or similar products).  Hopefully it inspires you to get started on your own home and self organizing project.

Most of the Inspiration pics however, I found on Pinterest and I am unsure of where they originated from, I’m sorry.












I hope you enjoy spring cleaning and organizing season!

Happy DIYing friends,

March 8, 2019


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