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I have been thinking about lighting lately. The styles that are popular right now are so lovely and creative.  I really enjoy admiring them.  I have been looking for the perfect light for my kitchen and I am honestly, having a hard time narrowing it down.  Because of this, I decided to look through Houzz® (one of my favorite places to find professional photos and products) and compile a list of some of the chandeliers and pendants  I like the most. I thought you might enjoy looking through them as well and I hope that it will make life a little bit easier for both of us.  They are all linked for you to easily find them.  The picture will take you directly to the product and the caption will take you to the photo.



 I have started created an affiliate store to help you easily find the products I use in posts and love to use in my own life.  
This is what it looks like so far:

Snippets of Design Affiliate Store

This is what I wrote at the top of the page to help you understand the concept:

Each time I create a post, people ask me where they can find the products and supplies that I use.  In some posts, I can add this.  In other post, I can’t.   This is why I decided to create an affiliate store.  Technically, this isn’t a store.  I am not selling any of my own products.  This just means that I have listed and organized the products that I use and love in a pretty way, for your convenience.  I have linked to them directly to make them easier for you to find.  I will be adding to this store continually as I create posts and find lovely products.

Hopefully this will help you live beautifully with a little more ease.


I have not linked to the store yet because I haven’t finished creating the linked pages yet.  I started with the chandelier and pendant lights.  You can visit this page now.  It will give you an idea of the ease of access the store will create.  Hopefully it will be as helpful.


Happy DIYing Friends!


August 13, 2017
August 30, 2017


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