“Does this shirt make me look pregnant???”

Are you pregnant? If not, did you have a baby, or become a grandparent recently?

If so, how did you spill the beans? There are so many fun ideas for telling your

friends and family that you are pregnant now, it almost makes me want to have another one.

Here are some fun pregnancy reveal ideas, inspiration, and means to pull them off.

*As you know, I am an Evite® Affiliate and Influencer.  This is an Evite® Paid Post but all the

ideas and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my passion.

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“I’m so cute. my parents are making another.”

My youngest niece is so sweet and squishy, I just can’t get enough of her.

Her and my Sister-in-Law were such troopers and made the best little models for this post.

Cheeky t-shirts are fun and easy to create.

They offer great options for telling the baby’s father, grandmother, and grandparents.

Here are a few creative ideas for telling anyone that you are hoping to surprise.


If t-shirts aren’t your thing, mugs might be a fun alternative.
You can find a wide array of mugs for a great price at IKEA®.

I have included svg files for the following projects:

  • Bump
  • The Man Behind the Bump
  • Does This Shirt Make Me Look Pregnant?
  • Mama Bear
  • Papa Bear
  • Growing My Tribe
  • Hello Daddy
  • I’m so Cute, My Parents are Making Another.
  • The Best Moms are Promoted to Grandmas
  • We have a Hero, We Call Him Grandpa.
  • Grandpa, The Man, The Myth, The Legend

You can cut out any of these projects using your craft cutting machine.

Here is the the .zip download:

Evite® offers tons of great options for telling your friends and family about your new edition.

They are quick, easy, and there is always one to fit your needs.

Even if you decide to reveal your baby in an alternate way, Evite® offers pleasant and

cost-effective invitations for baby showers, birth announcements, blessings, and baptisms.

For example, check out this adorable sheep invitation.

 IKEA® Gift Registry is also a great way to prepare for your new little one.  It’s easy to register and it’s a great way to help your friends and family know what you like and need.


Be sure to register with IKEA® Gift Registry for all of your new baby needs. 

I hope you have a blast revealing your happy new blessings to your friends and family.


Happy DIY’ing friends!


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