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Snippets of Design loves to represent tasteful & reasonably priced, family friendly, cooking, sewing, craft, party, and home decor or design related products & services. This would include beautiful fabric, quilts, furniture, accessories, specialty foods, mom/kid stuff, personalized and handmade items, goods/gadgets and more. With daily exposure to an ever-growing and loyal readership, your advertising dollar will be smartly spent on Snippets of Design.


Snippets’s Stats:

As of the month of Jan. 2017, according to Jetpack, Snippets of Design averages around 6,000-10,000 visitors each month.  We have approximately 30,535 members, 1,000 individuals subscribed to our newsletter, 76,750 following Snippets on Facebook, and more than 26,500 followers on Pinterest which grows every day.  I also pursue other social sites including Instagram with 8.500 followers & a special Instagram Feature Page called Lives_beautifully_captured with 3,550 followers.  I have 5,4750 followers on Twitter & I pursue Tumblr & We Heart It.

If you are interested in advertising, sponsored posts, affiliating, partnerships, or partnerships including design, please contact me at or use the form below.  Thank you!  I’m looking forward to working with you!

amber xo



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