Spring Decorating/Snippets of Design

 Spring is in the air!!! Yayyy!!!  

{It’s about time don’t you think?}

Even though it was a VERY mild winter,

{and I really have no right to complain…}

I am ALWAYS glad when spring arrives.

The world is bright and new and oh so happy!

I love it ! :)


I’ve spent this last week decorating my home for spring so

I thought I’d share a little more of my home with you.


My home is not exactly how I want it of course,

there is carpet where I would really prefer wood floors

& there  is paint on walls that has been there too long

and maybe even a few fingerprints where paint should be


but I figure, this is part of the process…

Some parts we may like better than others, and some not at all

but we have to start somewhere.

Besides, I believe actually finishing a home is an urban myth considering most of us can ALWAYS find something new to try. ;)

{but I gotta admit…I love that part of it too}.



[cc_blockquote_left]I love my home because it is warm, inviting, and HOME.[/cc_blockquote_left] [cc_break]

I don’t think that my home is “all that” or even better than anyone else’s but I do decorate mine with the things I love and with the hope of  maybe giving some of you a few new ideas for your own homes.

[cc_blockquote_right]I love Warm, Inviting Vintage {or more often than not, mock-vintage} mixed with new, not to mention a little bit of Country, French Country, and {of course} Tuscany.  [/cc_blockquote_right]   I don’t follow the rules perfectly.

I fill my home with a combination of what I love, what I like, what I need, and what feels right.

I just pray that somehow it all works.  

{and admittedly, sometimes it blends better than other times…hehe} 



I figure that the paint that needs to be re-done, the pictures that need re-placed,

and the pillows that need recovered

will all happen in time & I will bring you along for the process.

Besides, isn’t the process & the journey  where all the “real” fun resides anyways?


I am a HUGE fan of making the old new again.

I am sure that many of you feel the same.

I love second-hand stores, garage sales, and I have a REALLY hard time getting rid of any furniture that

“I just may be able to use somewhere else…” ;)

For example, the coffee table in my living room {pictured above} 

was my old kitchen table before I cut off the legs and gave it a new life in my living room.

Most of my furniture has been at least two different colors and  I LOVE it that way…

Like the cabinet below.

I do love new stuff,

but I gotta admit, there is something about taking an item or a piece of furniture

and creating EXACTLY what you want with it.

There is something fun and exciting about getting an AWESOME deal

only to create a one-of-a-kind piece that is completely amazing which you end up loving.

Even with small items like the dish below

{before pictures and tutorials here}

or the wall art my husband and I carved from wood years ago…

I Love it when I can include art from talented people I know & love like  the pictures on my

mantle painted & chalked by my Mom.

I threw in some flowers from the yard that make me happy & some baskets {because I’m a basket addict…}

not to mention photo albums of people who mean the world to me…

& of course, because it is spring, I included some  fun

decorations like nests I bought from the craft store 

& eggs I created from clay.

{tutorial here}

The vintage bottles, vintage crates, & the white vases you saw earlier

are all things I LOVE and collect.


What types of things do you collect?


I never thought I was a collector until I found the right things to collect.

Well, there is a little more of my space.  The place where I call HOME.

I LOVE it.  Home is my haven.

Gradually you will see all of  it I am sure :)

but for now, you can find more pictures on the slider above.


What are some of your favorite things in your home?


See you soon dear friends,

{Find out Were I Party & Who I am Linked to Here}

March 30, 2012



  1. Christy Hooper

    March 30, 2012

    Amber, I’m sorry I’ve not commented yet. I was having trouble figuring out how to. Duh!
    I love, love, love your snippets of design. When God made you, he put his “spirit of design”
    in you. Keep ’em coming, they are so inspirational! You go girl!

  2. amber

    March 30, 2012

    Thank you Christy!
    That is so very sweet. It means so much coming from you because you have always been someone I have looked up to and respected. I am so glad that you have enjoyed this as much as I have. Thank you for the smile…:)

  3. Janis

    April 4, 2012

    Wow…what gorgeous spring decor! I love all you precious details! Clay eggs…LOVE! You have great style!

  4. amber

    April 4, 2012

    Thank you Janis!
    That is so very sweet of you! I checked out your blog as well and you have wonderful taste too! I absolutely adore your embossed buffet!
    Thank you for the comment, I am your new biggest fan!

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