So. I made this quick floral a month or two ago,

originally for my front door.

I wanted something fun springy&carefree…

{yes, I am feeling spring hungry}

It was okay

but I decided it was a tad to0

carefree for my front door.

Plus, it didn’t stand out much from

A distance and I think that is an important quality

In a decoration for a front door.

So I tried it in my living room…

I think I like it,

it seemed to match my living room

and I love it against my blue/turquoise armour.

Isn’t it crazy how placement is EVERYTHING?

I can completely hate something

but in the right setting and I absolutely adore it!

The floral has completely grown on me…

{Enough that I decided to post it! lol}

Do you ever feel the same?

Do you find things that you don’t think

you are crazy about but after you find

the right spot for it, you love it?

Anyways…This is how you make it!

It is super-duper easy!

I bought all of the supplies at Hobby Lobby.

I grabbed what I grabbed because I liked the colors

and I thought that they were a good price for the money.

{wait for a 50% off sale.

The sale is why I decided to do the project}.

I already had some floral sticks.

I measured them against the top of the ½ cone.

I cut them to size and glued them in.


I placed the grass evenly in the back of

the ½ cone in-between the sticks.

I added the florals in-front of the grass,

Also in-between the sticks and I hung it from some jute.

That’s it! See, so very easy!

I love florals because there are so many possibilities

And generally, it is not

Very hard to throw something together…

Are you getting ready for spring?

Have you made any cute Spring projects?


March 3, 2012


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