Step Stool Tutorial/ Snippets of DesignI have this stool that I have had for close to 20 years.

I admit, that isn’t odd for me.  I have a habit of keeping,  repainting, & reusing almost everything.

When I re-organized & redecorated my pantry {in this post}

I of course, wanted to needed to include my little step stool because the truth is,

I am only 5’2” and I can’t reach 1/2 of my shelves & cabinets without it. :-P

Redecorated & Reorganized Pantry Ideas Including Free Printables/ Snippets of Design

 I decided, however, that I wanted to completely change the look of it to match my new Pantry {here} & {here},

& my re-decorated kitchen{here}.

This is what it used to look like:

{sorry it is only part of the stool…lol…not sure why I didn’t take a before picture…*blush*blush*}

Step Stool Before/ Snippets of Design

This is what it looks like now:

Step Stool Tutorial/ Snippets of Design

I wanted it to be fun, brighter, & {not sure why but} I really wanted a cute saying on it.

I finally came up with

“It’s never too late to take a big step”.

To start with, I painted it the same color as the back wall of my pantry.


{You can find the paint color & brand I used here}


Step Stool Tutorial/Snippets of Design

I cut a 1 & 2 out using my Cricut machine.

I placed them on the stool, rubbed them down securely, & used them as stencils.

I painted them using a black acrylic paint.

Step Stool Tutorial/ Snippets of Design

Step Stool Tutorial/ Snippets of Design

Then I printed out my Quote.

Here is a downloadable zip file of  a printable PDF & .jpg version for you:

It’s Never too Late

Step Stool4 copy

I cut out the quote and penciled on the back of the paper, opposite the writing.

Step Stool3 copy

I flipped it over, placed it in the correct place, & traced the words.

Step Stool Tutorial/ Snippets of Design

{You can use graphite paper instead if you would prefer}.

Step Stool Tutorial/ Snippets of Design

I re-traced the words using a paint brush & white acrylic paint.

Then I traced one side of each letter with a black acrylic paint to create a shadow look.

Step Stool Tutorial/ Snippets of Design

When the letters were dry, I lightly sanded everything to create a worn look.

I sanded the edges of the stool with slightly more pressure so that the previous paint & some spots of wood would show through.

Step Stool Tutorial/ Snippets of Design

That was it!

Totally easy…you should give it a try…;)

ttys dear friends!


Amber Signature | Snippets of Design


January 15, 2013


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