Hi Everyone!!! I hope you had an absolutely splendid weekend…

I thought I would share my weekend project with you.

I have wanted to take this on for a while…

mostly because I wanted NEEDED a new camera bag for a while but I refused to purchase

any of the ugly, basic ones I came across for $50-150

{honestly, I just didn’t like them much…}

But after I bought my new camera, & some new lenses, not to mention other caps & goodies,

my old $15 camera bag  just wasn’t cutting it.

I tried using a favorite bag of mine for a while &

I tried using an old purse of mine for a couple of weeks but it felt tacky and it got on my nerves.

{Plus, if you are going to spend over $1500 on a camera & supplies, you really can’t afford to not take care of it…you know?}

So this weekend, I took it on…

{yes,okay, I made myself}

But what is important and the true focus is…IT GOT DONE!!! Yay!!!

So, what do you think?  I love it!  I may play with the enclosures a tad still…I am deciding, maybe make them cuter…

I embroidered “INSPIRATION” on it because honestly, my camera creates so much inspiration for my every time I use it. :)

What would you call your camera?

I haven’t included the instructions or tutorial yet but if there is an

interest I don’t mind doing so.

Follow my feed, email me,  and/or leave a comment if you are interested! 

Thanks for stopping dear friends!

see you soon!



November 27, 2012


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