Here in Utah, there is an event every year called

The Festival of Trees.

 100% of the proceeds raised by this spectacular event are donated to

the Primary Children’s Medical Center.

 The Hospital is an AMAZING place where they

treat ALL children who need it

in a safe, warm, loving, fun environment.

and from what I understand, no child is turned away because of money…

{how wonderful is that?}

{I borrowed this adorable picture from the hospital’s blog “Playground”

…it’s sooo cute, you should check it out}

The Festival of Trees is run COMPLETELY  by volunteers and donations.

So many people in Utah get involved…individuals, families, businesses…

Everyone is so excited and willing to help year after year

and every year there seem to be more Christmas trees and more elaborate donations.

Everything is auctioned off to anyone who is willing to buy…

I have helped decorate and donate a tree before, it is a wonderful experience

and leaves you with the most wonderful feeling.

This year, our friend’s children were volunteer entertainers.

This is them,  Brianna & Calleigh

in front of their favorite  tree…

Their Singing performance was so fun!  I loved it…

There are over 700 trees at the festival every year…

There are  girl-themed trees…

and boy themed trees…

There  are fun trees,

Big trees,

and small trees.

Most trees come with an elaborate display

and each tree is dedicated to someone who has passed away…

For example,

This tree is called “Forever Soaring”

It is dedicated to a man who died in an unfortunate accident

And next to his tree was an individual  tree for 3 of his family members,

they all lost their lives in an airplane crash…

It’s always very touching to hear the stories…

They don’t just have trees however,

people donate wreaths & centerpieces,

 The best Gingerbread Houses I have ever seen…

the most incredible playhouses…

{I WANT this one!}

fun, miniature doll houses,

and the loveliest handmade quilts…

If you live in Utah & you haven’t had the chance to checkout The Festival this year,

you definitely want to!  It runs through Saturday…

Thanks for stopping by again dear friends!

It is lovely to see you as always & I hope to see you again soon!


November 28, 2012
November 30, 2012


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