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I love having my kids home for the summer.

Life seems to slow down a little while simultaneously gaining momentum in one big swoop that begins with a week of assemblies and school farewell activities.  All of the dynamics of the life you’ve adjusted to change instantly.  On one hand, there is more free time and much desired quality time with the kids but on the other hand, free time seems to disappear completely.  Everything seems to take longer and there are more things to do..

So much of life as an adult is learning to balance the needs, wants, and loves of life.

As the kids grow up and our careers advance, life gets busier and busier.  Time flies by and if you aren’t careful, you blink and summer is over.  You blink and your kids are grown up.   You blink and the people and things that used to keep you so busy don’t need so much of your time anymore.  

It is not how you start in life or how you end up, I truly believe that the real treasures of life come from enjoying the journey, taking in the experiences, loving with your whole heart, stretching further than you think you can,  and creating a life that you feel blessed to be a part of.

In trying to create this life and the perfect balance, between getting everything done and sharing quality time, we have tested a few new ideas in our home.

This is our cat Caramel. Isn’t she pretty?  She’s a sweetheart…

We love having fur babies in the house, we get quite attached to them and each of their individual personalities.

The problem however, is that it requires even more time and energy to take care of them.

I discovered an awesome time-saving secret however and I am going to let you in on it.

I was blessed with an opportunity to try Tidy Cats® Direct.  Have you heard of it?

I am sure you have heard of Tidy Cats® before.  You may already use their products.   Tidy Cats® Direct is filled with Tidy Cats® LightWeight 24/7 Performance clumping litter.  It provides great clumping control for easy scooping and the power of TidyLock protection to lock away odors.  It is a Tidy Cats® product that you may already used.

What makes Tidy Cats® Direct so different however is that is an all-in-one disposable version.  

They ship it directly to you once a month and all you have to do is:

(1) Open it. 

(2) Use it for a month.

(3) Scoop as usual.

(4) Dispose of it.

Simple as that.

What a great idea right?

Tidy Cats® Direct is available for purchase online at Chewy.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Meijer.com and Petco.com, as well as directly from Purina at Store.Purina.com.

Plus, If you choose to buy it from Amazon.com, Tidy Cats® Direct is Subscribe & Save-eligible which means that you can sign up to have it sent to you automatically every month.  That means you don’t even have to think about it or remember to buy a new one.


You know what this means right???

Our cat is happy, we are happy, and we don’t EVER have to wash the litter box again!

This is life changing, I mean disposable diapers life changing.

I would buy this and use it for my bunny if there was an option.

So now, Caramel and I have enough free have time to smell the flowers,

take naps,

and eat ice cream.

Sometimes, we even smell the flowers AND eat ice cream at the same time….

It’s summer-time magical.

It has honestly made life with work, kids, and fur babies much easier.

You should check it out.

I hope you get to smell ALL the flowers and eat ALL of the ice cream sweet friends…you deserve it.

You can order Tidy Cats Direct from Amazon!

Happy DIYing friends,

May 29, 2017
July 11, 2017


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