Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers 1 | Snippets of Design

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving are the yummy leftovers.

I thought it would be a lot more fun to send some tasty niblets home with your friends and family if you had something cute to send them in.

You can create your own “to-go” stickers for your Thanksgiving leftovers fast and easy with these free printables.

Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers 2 | Snippets of Design

They say Hangry Remedy (to-go)


Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers 8 | Snippets of Design

Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers 4 | Snippets of Design

Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers 5 | Snippets of Design

Good Food, Good Mood

Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers 9 | Snippets of Design

Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers 10 | Snippets of Design

and Eat Me.

Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers 11 | Snippets of Design

To create your own, Download the following zip files here:

Hangry Remedy (to-go)

download green

Good Food, Good Mood

download grey

Eat Me Tags

download Orange copy

Print them out on sticker paper and cut them out by hand or print and cut them using your Cricut® machine and the instructions here.

Simply assemble them onto bags and boxes using an assortment of ribbons.

I bought most of mine from Hobby Lobby®.

Thanksgiving "to-go" Stickers | Snippets of Design

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and some yummy leftovers!

Happy DIYing friends!

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