I don’t know about you but I have this undeniable attraction to tufted furniture.

It began, of course, with the ottoman.  Such a beautiful creation, I needed one in almost every room…

Then the chairs and couches.  How do they make them so pretty?

Some I am hesitant to even sit in.

I impatiently want to buy all of them at once and replace everything I own…

I am definitely changing my headboard up soon though.  Why not?

Tufted head-boards are beautiful and inexpensive.

Retro-modern has peaked my interest as well lately. 

My kids are obsessed it and I think it looks great in a well decorated room.

Checkout this egg chair for instance.

What do you think?

For more inspiration, join me on Pinterest!

and follow my tufting board here.

Happy DIYing sweet friends!

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July 18, 2016


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