Hanging Heart Bouquet/ Snippets of Design

A year ago Valentines Day I premiered Snippets of Design

so I have a few Valentine’s Day posts…

Since people are still visiting those posts, I thought maybe it would be a fun idea to

make them the subject of this week’s Snippets Worth Surfing.

You can click on the pictures to go to the post…

Above is my most popular Valentine’s post,

The Hanging Hearts Bouquet

It’s a VERY simple project using scrapbook paper & string.

Hanging Heart/ Snippets of Design

 Hanging Heart

Clothespin Hearts copy

 Valentine’s Display


 With pattern & instructions for making the 


 hearts & the tags on the candles.

Valentine Decor/ Snippets of Design


The instructions for making a simple table runner in 30 minutes.

jelly jar candle2

Super simple Jelly Heart Candle.

Jelly Jar Candle/ Snippets of Design

Hanging Hearts


Hanging Hearts

LOVE sign


LOVE sign

B Monograhm


“B” Monogram Letter 

Valentine's Printables 2012


Free Valentine’s Day Printables & Photoshop Brushes

and finally, from this year,

Heart-cicles for Valentine's Day/ Snippets of DesignHeart-cicles.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

I have a Valentine’s Themed Tablescape to share still before Feb. 14,

gotta get one more in at least…you know…;)

So, see you soon!



February 3, 2013


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