Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter {if you celebrate Easter}

& a wonderful weekend either-way.

There are certain things that I experience every year which really

help my heart & mind to know that it is spring

Something about spring warms me to my soul like nothing else.

The other night the temperature was unseasonably high & we were loving it with doors & windows open.

I stepped out into my front yard to do something simple & common like help hubby with the trash cans

but before doing so,I glanced back at my front porch.

The heart of my home glowed from within,

my puppy made eye contact with me from inside our screen door,

the coolness of the grass tickled the skin between my toes,

&  my heart leaped.

I knew at that instance that it was finally spring,

 Happiness filled my soul.  I felt it deep within of me.

I relish moments like that.


The Feelings, the scents, the happiness of life.

I realized that there were, certain things, situations, feeling, & experiences that of course, like everyone, I relate to spring.

But I wasn’t aware how much these experiences & situations rocked my world.

How much of an effect they had on my soul.

So, I started to think , what else reminds me of spring?

What is it that I love so much that brings me so much joy?

Of course there are the obvious things for me,

the things that come to mind without having to think very hard like

Opening my bedroom door.

The view of my door open to the balcony & my favorite reading spot,

combined with the breeze that comes in brings me joy daily.

{yeah, what can I say? It’s the little things like having a clean house,

Starbursts toasted over the fire, or scented lotion after a shower.

I’m a simple girl}.

Or being able to enjoy my swing

which now that I am showing the world a picture of it, is in much need of repair.

But no dis-pare! I will make it a POST! :)

{Have I told you all how grateful I am for all of you lately?  I am getting sooo much done}!


and the joy of dinning outdoors.

The shade, the breeze, the flicker of lights or candles after dark….

I feel very content.

Four Seasons by Jab Enstoetz        

 The laughter of little children playing outdoors always makes me smile,

like watching them sleep, or hearing them say “I love you”.

Sometimes in the chaos I forget to relish it…


 I also love when it is time to plant new life.

My Grandmother had an amazing green thumb, I unfortunately, do not share the same talent

{especially if the sprinklers don’t hit it}

but I do believe that a person can do anything they set their mind to so, I keep trying.

Of course there is also my week spot for hammocks,

there is nothing like laying in one, staring at the sky and talking softly with a loved one

or taking a nap on a cool afternoon.

It fills my cup.


 and the sounds & smells of a spring rain on a relaxing afternoon…

Of course there are many other things I love like camping…

And beaches.  The sun on your face, the sand, & the water between your toes.

I also have a soft spot for a really great pool.

I love to travel, I could travel all summer.

but honestly, I am completely content staying home.

A little warm weather, a cozy place to sit, the people I love, a really good book,& a computer so I can talk to you

is all I really need to make me happy.

But I am grateful that Spring is finally here.

and I am seeping it in.

What are some things that you love about spring?

What are some of the emotions it makes you feel?

I would love to hear them!


Most of these pictures I either took myself or they came from my tumblr blog or Pinterest.

{I am completely addicted to both of them. hehe. shhhh.  There are worse things though right?}

Pinterest is fun& exciting with great ideas.

& Tumblr is amazing & beautiful with mind blowing photographs.

You should check them out!

All the other pictures, I tracked down the best I could & linked them to their source.

If you know of any sources that I need to correct please email me & I will change it asap.  Thank you!

Til next time dear friends!

{Find Out where I party & who I’m linked up to here}

April 4, 2012



  1. Maria C

    April 10, 2012

    I love. love. love. this post. The sentiments, the photos, absolutely everything about it. I love Spring too and everything here just grabbed me. Made me happy! Thank you!

  2. amber

    April 10, 2012

    Thank you Maria! You just brought the biggest smile to my face. I love hearing that I have helped to brighten someone’s day. I also love meeting kindred spirits who feel the same as I do. I hope you have a wonderful spring and I hope to see you again! :)

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