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*How to Build a She Shed | Snippets of Design

Oh what a little paint can do…

When we first started this she shed project (and even half way through it), my husband joked that it was “like putting lipstick on a pig”.

At first, I sort of agreed but now, I don’t agree at all. Now, what used to be a worn out, beaten up, cheap shed that we couldn’t stand to enter, has become my favorite place in the whole world. It feels fresh, new, and welcoming. It has become a peaceful and lovely retreat.

In case you forgot what the shed originally looked like, here are a few pictures to refresh your memory.


You can see more before pics (here).

Thanks to KILZ® COMPLETE COATPAINT and a little elbow grease

This is what it looks like now…

See, it’s crazy what a little paint can do. Or more specifically, what a little KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT can do.

The first coat I painted was on the front doors.

I was so thrilled with how well KILZ COMPLETE COAT covered, I literally giggled with glee and made my husband laugh.

I know it’s a little weird but I love paint. I love how painting something old, tired, and worn quickly changes it into something beautiful and desirable. The first coat was so thick and covered so well that it took me by surprise. I was even more impressed with the second coat, which seemed to create an amazing, smooth finish that I’ve never seen from paint before. It made my doors look new.

I can see why KILZ® is the brand for DIYers who believe in starting their projects right, it really makes a difference in reaching the perfect finish.

I used it on everything, wood, metal, and wicker, and it worked great!

You can find the colors of KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT that I used and explore more colors at Walmart®.com.

The she shed was a big project but completely worth it. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’ve broken the project down for you including extra projects so that you can easily recreate what you would like.

Let’s Start with the windows.

Installing Windows

A large part of making a regular shed into a she shed is adding windows. Ventilation cools the shed down and helps to take away that “closed in” feeling.

I found some old windows on a garage sale/second-hand website that used to be in someone’s cabin. You can buy them new but I really like the charm of the old windows and I purchased them for a great price.

To Install the Windows

1.  Measure your window and wall. Mark where you want your window to be on the wall, ideally between two studs.

2.  Cut holes for the windows using a saw.

3. Frame the window hole, place the window in the hole, and secure it in place. We used screws. We also used a larger board on the bottom to create a window sill.

That’s it!  That’s all there is to placing a window.  I think it sounds more intimidating than it really is.


Install Insulation

Install rolled insulation between the wooden studs. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection. If the spaces aren’t too large, the insulation should stay in by itself.


Install the walls

You can do this with drywall but I choose to use paneling for a few reasons. I wanted the look of a couple different finishes, I wanted to take up as little space as possible, and I wanted to make this project as easy as possible (for both of us). I used a faux brick paneling for the back wall and an actual wood shiplap paneling for the rest of the shed, including the back of the doors.

Cut the paneling to size and use a finishing nail gun to attach it to the walls. Make sure you hit the studs with your nail gun so the walls are secure.

We added a piece of plywood behind the back wall because I wanted the basket “shelves” to have something stronger than the faux brick paneling to attach too.

Frame-In the Windows

I used pine boards to frame the inside and around the windows inside and out in classic cottage/cabin style. Make sure you cover up any holes or awkward cracks (especially if this is your first time installing windows like us).


Caulk Everything!

Use all-purpose, paintable caulk. This makes everything look finished and covers up all sorts of little sins. Make sure that you still have grooves and indents where you are supposed to, the shape is what you will see after you paint.

Finish the Outside

On the outside, we applied board and batten because I love it and I framed in the windows.

Use the finishing nail gun to attach 2-inch pine boards to the exterior walls.

Prep The Doors

We removed the cross-boards on the front doors and cut and re-attached some missing pieces. We removed the hardware.

Caulk and Paint Everything (Inside and Out)

Caulk and Paint the walls, ceiling, and doors (yes, all of it). I used KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT in White Wing #LJ260.

Do you remember the big spray-painted M on the side of my shed?

Look how great it looks now, you can’t even tell…

(Ignore the shadows, when I took the picture, I thought it was charming but in retrospect, it might have been more effective without the them. Lol)

Paint the Windows


Re-Attach the Doors

Re-attach the doors using over-sized gate hardware.

Build the Deck

Build the deck using pine 2″x 4″ boards.

  • Build the base frame.
  • Create a rectangle and add at least two cross-boards depending on how large you would like your deck to be.
  • Lay boards over the frame and use deck screws to secure them in place.

Hint: Make a pattern for your screw holes using a scrap of paper. A deck is much prettier when the holes match.


Paint or Stain the Deck as Desired

Apply Flooring

 I went with a vinyl wood flooring because it is attractive, durable, and easy to install.

Fill Your Shed and Space!


This is the fun part – Think about who you are, what you enjoy doing, and what fills your emotional cup. Try to incorporate these things into your space. Your shed should feel like your own personal sanctuary. This is what I added to mine and why I added it:


A place to rest and read (most importantly).

 I choose a papasan chair and stool because it’s large and comfortable and it makes you feel pampered.

An interior table and chair.

 I wanted a work space

Attractive shelving and storage

Basket and crate shelves

 I bought these basket sets and painted them with KILZ COMPLETE COAT in Jade Sea #RG160-01, mixed them with crates, and used screws to secure them to the wall.

A large over-head shelf

Wire hanging baskets for jars

Outdoor utility shelf for planting and soap making supplies.

Storage baskets and boxes

I have these vintage apple baskets that used to belong to my Grandparents. I painted them with KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT in Classic Turquoise #RF190-01 to match the decor.

Rugs for looks and comfort.

I choose an outdoor rug for my main rug.  It’s made out of recycled plastic bags and it’s surprisingly cozy.

A welcome mat is inviting.

I made this DIY rope mat. It was soooo easy! You can find the instructions here.

A boot tray.

This is a great place to store your gardening boots.  I made this DIY boot tray. You can find the instructions here.

A potter’s bench with a working hose sink.

For planting and soap making   I made this DIY hose sink and potter’s bench. You can find the instructions here.

A water feature

I have ALWAYS wanted to make one…this was my perfect excuse.  Plus, the sound of water always soothes the soul. 

I made this water feature. You can find the instructions here.

A hammock

Nothing quite compares to the comfort of a hammock and I’ve ALWAYS wanted a hammock with a Boho edge. 

I sewed this easy Boho edge onto a hammock I purchased. You can find the instructions to make your own here.

A romantic eating area

I love to eat outdoors in the evening.  We have a gazebo that came with our house. I wanted to do something with it that I knew I would use.

A larger eating area for family.

I have a secret love for picnic tables and ours needed a refreshing.

A cozy fire pit

We already had a fire pit but a tree grew next to it. Every time we used it, we burnt leaves. We needed to move it over and repaint the picnic benches.

To create a fire pit like ours, dig a rounded hole and line it with small rocks.


Mood Lighting

I love the aura created by candles and bulbs and I wanted to be able to enjoy our new space in the evening as well.

Add Lighting like café lights, lanterns, a fire pit, and candles to your space.

Include Things You Love

Make sure that you throw a few things into the decor just because you love them. The latter and fan for instance, I found them both at an antique store and fell in love with them just the way they are. They are useful but I LOVE that they look great too. I also threw in some books, baskets, lanterns, and a fish wind chime that I adore.

Finishing Touches

And finally, but not least, be sure to add some finishing touches like:

A Vintage Shop Sign That Says Happy Place.

You can find the instructions and pattern for to make your own here.

A beach cruiser

Window boxes

I choose to go with whimsical. I am going to plant them with flowers and herbs in the spring.


We painted them with KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT in Rebel #RM260.



I have some but I love the open feeling of the windows so much, I couldn’t bring myself to put them up yet. If I do, I will share some pictures with you guys.



I used faux olive branches. I wrapped them into a circle and tied them in place with floral wire.


A walkway

We used cobblestone.


You can find the DIY instructions here.

You can see the entire gallery of pictures here.

Please check my affiliate store for questions on supplies.

I hope this post inspires you to build your own she shed or at least take on a few of the fun projects.

This was a lot of work but it was worth it. It’s my favorite project that I have EVER done and I have done A LOT of projects…lol. I can’t wait to enjoy it indefinitely.

Thank goodness for KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT, I truly do love it. I’m so grateful that it exists. It’s the paint for the dreamers like us, the ones who can see past the problems and the damage to something beautiful. Those of us who can take a mess and see the potential in a room, house, or any renovation project. I couldn’t have done this project and reached the same results without it. Thank you KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT.

The truth is, if we can do it, anyone can do it so, be brave, break it down into steps, and just begin. Let KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT help you and before you know it, you will have your very own she shed too.

Happy DIYing friends!


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