Autumn Tablescape and Floral Table Runner DIY

Cozy Autumn Tablescape

*As you know, I’m an Evite® Influencer.   This post is sponsored by Evite® but all the ideas and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting my passion. #BeThere #Evite #Text2Party

Cozy Autumn Tablescape
Autumn is my favorite time of year to throw dinner parties because it is cool out and there is a calming feeling in the air.  I also love the cozy hues and textures you can use.
Plus, you can give your guests  charming things like a whole loaf of bread to themselves
Autumn Tablescape Mini Maple Syrup Bottle Name Tags
and maple syrup party favors and everyone loves it.
Yeah, Autumn rocks.

Text to Party with Evite | Snippets of Design
Autumn is also the perfect excuse to try the new Evite® Text Invitations.
Since Evite® is always the easiest way to bring friends and family together for any event, I wanted to test this convenient, new option out.
It’s was so easy and I LOVED how it helped to keep everything organized. 
Here is a video tutorial showing how easy and convenient it is to use.
When decorating for this event, I decided I wanted a floral table runner.
I LOVE floral table runners.  I have ALWAYS wanted to create a tablescape with one.   (I have so many saved to my Pinterest it’s a little crazy). This one is a little more of a centerpiece bouquet so that it gives this table a formal yet casual feel but it still has that floral table runner vibe that I love so much.
It’s very easy to create.
What you will need to recreate the autumn tablescape centerpiece | Snippets of Design

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Prep by freshly cutting each stem under water and placing them in a water tube.
  • Place the lanterns in the center of the table.
  • Intertwine the Eucalyptus around the lanterns and down the middle of the table.
  • Add the berries.
  • Add the Coronaria Harmony.  Be sure to hide the water tubes from view.

I used a classic autumn plaid wool shawl and a white table-cloth on the picnic table from this post under the centerpiece.  I provided some faux white fur on the benches to sit on for texture, comfort, and warmth.
The bread is my favorite roll recipe baked in ramekins and tied with cotton lace.
The name cards are individual bottles of maple syrup that also serve as favors. 

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Download the tag.
  • Used a craft cutting machine to add the names and cut out the tags. 
  • Tie the tags on with cotton thread.
  • Add some seeded eucalyptus and berries.

Here is the download for the tag:
You can see more photos from this event here: 
I hope you have a lovely Autumn and enjoy every minute of it.
Throw a dinner party, take it all in, and remember;
Evite® is always the easiest way to bring friends and family together for any event.
Try the new Evite® Text Invitations, they really do make planning more convenient and fun.
Happy DIYing friends!


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